We’re experiencing an especially cold and wet October but it doesn’t mean there is nothing going on. Below, you’ll find events and places that offer entertainment this month.

As someone who regularly gives ideas for family outings, in these special times, I would like to remind you: wash your hands, wear a mask, keep social distance, and stay at home if you don’t feel well. Sorry to be a party pooper. #sorrynotsosorry.

Also, please bare in mind that the situation is dynamic, the protective measures can change overnight. Events can also get cancelled. Always try to book a place, and be prepared for changes. It is no longer possible for Parentville to monitor all events and their possible changes.

Now that I cleared that out, let’s go!


For several years now, Black Movie Festival is accompanied by an autumn-long festival for children – the Petit Black Festival. Each month, in various locations in the canton, children can watch several short movies. Altogether this year they will be able to see 21 films from 16 countries. The chosen movies are great at opening a discussion on subjects such as ecology, difference, or mourning. You can find out all about the festival here, and see all the screenings date in Parentville’s calendar.

Sound and Light show in Bastions

Every other year Bastions hosts the mapping show on the occasion of the Wright Colloquium. Every evening for almost one month the facade of UNIGE’s oldest building will become a stage for a wonderful show. This year’s title « Maths et Brillant » (not a typo). It will take spectators on a journey through the beauty of algebra and geometry. The show will visit the Babylonians and ancient China, all accompanied by music. Each performance lasts 20 minutes, and it will be repeated three times each evening starting at 18h. More info here.


It looks like the Christmas season begins, at least in Schilliger (in Gland, Matran, and Plan-les0Ouates). It’s always worth seeing even if you’re not planning to buy anything. They are experts on seasonal decorations and every year they turn their shops into magical places!
What about the pumpkin? The big Fete de la Courge will take place on October 17th – a pumpkin carving workshop included! All the information about the reservations, and events in each of their shops are available here.


A new heartwarming association in Chene Bourg (easily accessible with trams), organizes meetings for parents of young children and playful time for small children. You can find out all about their events here on Facebook (and in Parentville’s calendar of course).

Potato holidays at MAH

Did you know that the origin of the autumn break in Switzerland comes from the need to harvest potatoes? This is why this week is also called « vacances des patates » (potato holidays). The Museum of Art and History of Geneva organizes activities (not a camp!) for the 8th consecutive year. This time everything will be themed around the circus. On the menu: acrobatics, magic tricks, balance and all sorts of circus craziness. The whole week consists of guided visits, shows, workshops and tales. There is also a planned visit to the cellars of the Maison Tavel!
The activities are destined for children as young as 2! Reservations are obligatory. You can read about all details here.


This year, the famous Marche de L’Espoire is taking a half-digital form. Obviously, it is not quite possible to do a 5k walk online, but they found a way to make it happen without bringing a huge crowd to the lake! All you have to do is to enroll, find sponsors (family, friends), download the special app and walk! The more you walk, the more funds you’ll collect to help children in Bolivia. You can read all about it here (availble in English, too!).


This month the kids’ paradise aka Maison de la Creativite is open all Wednesdays, two Saturdays, and the whole week of school holidays. Reservation are obligatory, as well as the masks for adults. It is by far the best place Geneva has for children – a big villa with rooms offering different activities that children can do however they like. It’s were creativity, discovery, exploration, and imagination can all meet to have the best time. To book you place click here. (All opening dates of the Maison are always available in Parentville’s calendar).


There is not one, but three new temporary exhibitions in the Natural History Museum! The reason to have three new expos at the same time is simple and magnificent – 200th birthday of the museum! It has been tested and approved by the Parentville team. I wrote all about it here.

Let the journey begin! (Nyon)

A brand new exhibition in the Chateau de Prangins, designed for families with kids 4+! Yey! Most importantly it is not a temporary event – it;s here to stay! Yey!
This role-play based exhibition has two different forms for kids aged 4-10, and those 11+. At the site, we are invited to imagine ourselves as an English tourist or a young chimney-sweep from Ticino, traveling around Switzerland on foot, by train or by boat. This immersive experience is different each time depending on the choices made during the game. Depending on the options taken, the course can last from 5 to 20 minutes per character!
Info: paid entry, opens on October 11th.
More information (in English) on the Museum’s website.


The UFO shaped building of the Espace des Inventions is preparing a new exhibition. They haven’t published much information about it, but their expos are always brilliant! The new one is entitles « Tic-Tac Tectonique ». Earthquakes are one of the natural phenomena that impress and worry. They are unpredictable and can be as fascinating as they are destructive. In a fun and interactive journey this exhibition offers a better understanding of earthquakes. It is reccomended for children of ages 7 and up.

La forêt, maison des animaux

A new temporary exhibition for ages 3-12 in one of Parentville’s favorite places – Maison du Saleve (15 mins from Geneva). Enter the world of the woods where badgers and foxes live together. The exhibition is filled with visual poetry, beautiful colors and interactive elements. Not to miss! Read all about it here.

And that is not all! To find out about everything that is happening this month in geneva (for families of course!), check the one and only calendar for family-activities in the region!

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