Did you know that the commonly used name for the October school break is “vacances de patates”? In the past, October school break was needed, so that families could all work in the field to gather the potatoes and other veggies of the season. Now, that most families don’t work in the fields, what should we do without the potatoes to gather? Read below.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Geneve (aka MAH)

6th year in a row Mah organised a series of activities for children aged 3+ during the holidays. You can find the detailed program by clicking here.

The History of Science Museum

A new exhibition in the Science History Museum is launching this October. It is all about machines that help us carry weight. Come and find out how they differ, how they work, and how to put them in use. The machines presented are those used to carry certain weights. Don’t miss this possibility to come and try lifting some of these weights to find out how simple machines work. Check it out here.

The Natural History Museum

What are the common points between bats and glow worms? Find out during a Wednesday workshop for ages 6+ (the youngest will have to be accompanied), that will run from 14h till 17h. An afternoon dedicated to the fascinating world of these animals of the night! From 6 years old. Check out more details here.

Ice skating

The season is opened! You can now skate in Meyrin, Vernets, and Sous-Moulin. The ice skating rink in Charmille will open on October 23. Also Balexert will have an ice skating rink this year. Click on the name of each rink (“patinoire”) to check the opening hours.

Maison de la créativité

The most amazing kids area for all those between 0 and 6 years old, will open its doors during the October school break every day from 14h30 till 17h30. You can check all the details on their website here. #parentvillerecommended

Cats in the library

Launched in 2017 by the Lausanne festival BDFIL, the exhibition “Chats” is a tribute to Théophile Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923), a Swiss artist whose illustrations are well known, notably the famous Chat Noir.
To enrich your visit, the Bibliothèque de la Cité offers a playful guide for digital tablets (available on site) where the black cat with big eyes of the poster will walk you through the exhibition to introduce young audiences to the history of Steinlen and artists who have been inspired. The exhibition will run till January 27, 2019. More details here.

Théâtre des Marionnettes
October 23 to 28

Shakespeare for babies! All thanks to Agnès Limbos who offers three works of the great writer in English for children aged 1+: Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and Midsummer-night’s Dream.The understanding of the language is not necessary to appreciate this show full of humor and mischief. Info and reservations on the website of the Théâtre des Marionnettes.

Decorating Carouge for Christmas

Come help cut, glue, build and assemble the decorations that will bring Christmas joy to the streets of Vieux-Carouge during the Christmas festivities. Enroll by sending an email to info@interetsdecarouge.ch. The workshops will take place somewhere in Carouge (no info on the website but you can ask via the email). They will run from October 22nd til the 26th, from 14h till 18h and from 19h till 22h.

Bibi Café

A great treat from the Bibi Café (the only truly family friendly cafe in the region) and its partners! They all invite you to discover different workshops, ateliers, and courses for kids, completely for free. Just bear in mind that the regular hot menu will not be available at that period, other propositions will be put in place. No need to register, no need to purchase a ticket. Just come, grab a coffee, and enjoy! #parentvillerecommended
Wednesday, October 25:
– 10h Bricolage with Récrécréa.
– 14h30 A workshop during which children will discover the book “Un dimanche avec Miki” under the thoughtful eye of Vanoa from Les mots de mon histoire.
Saturday, October 27
10h30 Alexandra Célérault, the author of the children’s book “Je Suis une Etoile et Toi Aussi“, will be hosting an activity focused around her book.

Weekend activities on Instagram

Each Friday, I post plenty of propositions for weekend activities on Instagram. You can find them in the Instagram stories for the first 24h, and the whole weekend in the highlight entitled “Weekend plans”.