Congratulations on your baby! You have become a parent. Now what? I mean, the excitement will ease down, the hormones storm will end up but you’re still stuck with a baby and all you dream about is some adults conversation. But not any conversation right? During the first few months it’s normal to be willing to talk about baby’s development, sleepless nights, and hear how other parets handle this new situation. 

In this article Parentville has gathered some support groups. real-life meetups, and playgroups that has been designed specifically for fresh parents.

Ready? Here we go!

Ecole des Parents

It’s a wonderful association that organizes many things for parents and children. They offer many interesting workshops, support with many family-problems (from homework drama, throuugh parenting teenagers, to dealing with a divorce). They also organize cafés de parents (sadly, online during the pandemic). Many of their activities are designed for young parents. Many are also free, like the playtime in Charmille for kids aged 0-4. It’s a great place to meet other parents, talk to early-childhood specialists that are always present on the site. 

More info:

Moman d’Amour

It is a heartwarming place in Chêne-Bourg, founded and run by a mom passionate about supporting parents on their journey. Moman d’Amour organizes many types of workshops, baby-massage, support, and meetups in a form of walks in nature. Gaëlle will be more than happy to answer all sorts of questions youm ay have.

Activities are in French. You can find out more about the whole program of activities here:


This space is open, without pre-registration, to parents and future parents wanting to share their experiences and ask questions about the perinatal period. Two to three doulas are present to welcome you, give you information and listen without judgment. This period of life is intense and sharing with parents in the same path can be comforting. It’s even more satisfying when it’s done in a comfy place with a healthy snack and a warm beverage.. Come with your experiences, doubts, fears and achievement and don’t hesitate to share about it. Babies and young kids are of course welcome !
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Au Fil des Sens

To best meet the needs of families and the development of children and parents, l’arcade Au Fil des Sens has been designed as an open space offering three main services: workshops, trainings, and meetings. They organize many wokshops and classes that may interest parents of young babies (and older children too). They also organize coffee-meetups for parents, each time around a different subjcet. This is also where the Doulaccueil takes place (paragraph above).

The activities are mostly held in French. Discover their whole offer:

Balades avec Bebe

A group organized by Catherine Watt that meets around once a month for a walk with prams/carriers somewhere in Geneva. Catherine is one of the best people to talk to about everything pregancy and baby-related. She has helped many parents on their parenting journeys and organizes many other meetings too (eg breastfeeding support group via La Leche League). 

More info: Balades avec bebe.

La Leche League

The breastfeeding specialists are here to help you out, and no, they will never pressure you to breastfeed. They organize meetings of support groups in various languages, including English, Spanish, and French.

More info: LLL Suisse Romande

Gymboree Grand-Saconnex

Gymboree is a legendary place. It is where kids have fun, get tired to later sleep well. It is also where parents can meet in a very friendly atmosphere. You can read more about it on Parentville here. They have a big soft playroom, a smiley clown, and cheerful songs. There are many activities for older children, but for the little ones and their parents the best are the times in the playroom with other parents. 

More about it at

Gym Poussette

How about some pram sports with other fellow mamas? Adapted to all levels, and to postpartum bodies trying to recover from the 9 month workout of a different kind. A great occasion to meet with other moms, to make friends, to spend time outdoors, and get back in shape. 

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A Cafe in Geneva centre where adults can eat drink, where older kids can go crazy in the indoorsnplayground, and where even babies have a space to enjoy.

More info:

Elisa Gassert’s play area

This wonderful play area, straight from a fairy tale is a perfect place to meet other moms. There is a soft space where babies can bubble and enjoy wooden toys. It’s also nice for older kids (let;s say up to age 8), so you can take siblings as well. 

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