Happy New Year! I hope 2022 will be treating you well! There are some fun family events in January in Geneva this year! Not a huge amount but enough to stay occupied. We’re starting the year similarly to the last one, with coronavirus having a party at our cost. But, let’s hold on tight, keep good spirits. Spring will come sooner than we all think, and if we keep on being responsible and following the measures, all will be fine.

The list will contain events in indoor spaces and others that may not be super safe in this situation. I hesitated, but I gather we are all adults, and we can all make our own decisions and take our risks. Unless the Federal Council or Geneva state tell us otherwise, these places are open, and it’s up to each individual to decide on the outing. Just remember – masks (best for kids too), and stay home if you don’t feel 100% healthy. Please, don’t take sneezing or coughing kids, especially to indoor events. Let’s all keep taking care of each other and not just ourselves.l

Bak to the main subject. Family fun in January in Geneva!

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

14 January – 20 February, Plan-les-Ouates

We’re starting with Plan-les-Ouates’ annual treat for the youngest children (ages 0-4). The exhibition space in the La Julienne has ben transformed into an enchanted forest. It looks wonderful, topped with beautiful sounds creating a magic atmosphere. A place designed to offer relaxation, contemplation, wonder, creativity and sharing. For opening times and more practical details click here.

Le Temps des Dinosaurs
till April 22nd; Palexpo

A giant exhibition for all kids fascinated by the world of Dinosaurs. There are many, from Tyrannosaurus to Triceratops,  altogether 50 animated specimens! They come to life, move, make sounds, growl.  This adventure is spread out on over  4,500 m2. Fun experience for all ages. More information on Palexpo’s website.

Geneva Lux
21 January – 6 February, Geneva Center

Every winter, once Christmas decorations bore our eyes, Geneva starts to shine! Geneva Lux is an open-air exhibition of light sculptures and installations spread around the lake. Some of the works come back every year, others visit the city one time only. There’s a separate article about it on Parentville, you can read it here.

Donne-moi la main on va traverser la rue
till 20 February, Bibliotheque de la Cite

A new exhibition at the la Cite Bibliotheque (destined for 9+) is a visual and sound experience. It shows the graphic universe of the artists and relates the strong link she has with her hometown, Beirut. The exhibition is bathed in the sounds recorded in Lebanon. Wander through the heart of a gigantic fresco to discover her works or even hear the artist’s voice. Many workshops and meetings accompany this exhibition, you can find out more about it here.

till the end of January; Gland

The municipality of Gland helped create the first popo up oin the city, that supports local enterpreneurs. The Pop-Up Shop is a living commercial space of 400m2 made available for two months to artisans, local artists and other micro-enterprises, allowing them to launch their activities and test their attractiveness. Check their Facebook page to see what’s on on which day. It’s a lovely place! Available till the end of January.


A perfect place for a family outing, with kids as young as 3yo: bwith oth indoor and outdoor options! You can visit the permament playful exhibition about everything-Saleve; or a temporary exhibition « La forêt, maison des animaux » – designed especially for children. If you’d like to avoid indoors a the moment, La Maison du Saleve has a lovely small parc behind the building, and is a starting point of a short and easy hike. You can find out all the informatoin here.


One of the simplest outing to organize. With skating rings in many places of the canton (Bastions, Grand-Saconnex, Vernets, Vergers, Charmille, Sous-Moulin). Remember to take gloves, they are obligatory, and enjoy this winter sport in the city! You can find out more information here.


AmStramGram is putting on stage to shows in January: Woodbeat and Willy Wolf.

Woodbeat is a show for small spectators (2+), and does not require being a French-speaker. Willy Wolf is a super fascinating show for kids 8+ with acrobatics and a motorcycle! You can book your tickets here.


This month, the theatre invites children 8+ to a show about, in short, animals. Their wilderness and domestication. A story of a dog, whose life changes overnight and who discoveres ancestral force awakaning inside him. You’ll find more information here.


Let’s not forget about workshops and activities in the museums! MEG has activities for all ages, even for babies (click here). Ariana offers visiting with kids by using their treasure hunt charts, there is a cute play area and more (here’s your link). Last but not least, there’s MAH with the famous activities for small and older – you can check the program here.