October holidays are tricky for staycation planning – it’s only one week, the weather is tricky, and gosh it’s the whole week. For those of you who would like to explore new places and use this week for some fun outings. I compiled a list of resources already available on this website. It should make your research easier.


Ready? Let’s do it!

This button will lead you to an article about zoo’s and farms in and around Geneva. Some are in Geneva, some are far. Some have farm animals, some have lions. There is something for everyone!

This article is a list of several beautiful autumn walks in Geneva and surrounding areas. When the weather is right such a walk can be a great way to occupy the kids! Collect leaves, chestnuts, and other treasures of nature. Prepare a picnic and enjoy the oxygen!

How about a new sport? Something you could all learn and do together? Climbing is perfect – no rain can spoil the fun, it’s not about speed, and it can be done solo. No need to join a class (maybe 1-2 times to understand some rules). It’s perfect!

Not a fan of climbing? Maybe accrbranche will make you happy? An obstacle trail up in the trees with ziplines. Kids can do it alone or with friends, or I dare you – with parents. Are you convinced?

October holidays are just before Halloween! There are many spooky activities taking place. Check out this article to choose the best fun for your kids!

SOme of you have a school aged kid and a baby at the same time. In this article you can find some ideas that will fit all of you, especially pram-friendly walks in pure nature.

The best time to visit Santa’s house and the Grand Parc de Noel is now, before everybody’s down with Christmas fever and the place becomes crowded. It’s an amazing, wonderful Christmas wonderland created by people with an astonishing imagination.

There’s even more to discover in the freshly created Instagram guide about October holidays. You can discover it by clicking the link above. Oh! And don’t forget to followe Parentville on Instagram while you’re there!

Last but not list, stay on top of everything by checking the events calendar and find the perfect event for your family! There are events forp arents only, or parents with kids, or kids alone. You can choose between ages, themes, and other categories.