Letters to Santa the Swiss way

Letters to Santa the Swiss way

Who wouldn’t want to receive an answer to their letters to Santa? Every year thousands of children on both hemispheres write letters of wishes to Santa in hope, not only to get the gifts but also to hear back from the old man. Then, the parents already busy by all-month Christmas preparations try to answer these letters in at least slightly creative way.

But not in Switzerland.
Abroad versus Switzerland

Parents in Switzerland do not have to burn the margins of the page or try to learn how to write with a feather. They don’t need to attach the ready answer to their kids’ letters like in the US (seriously, what is the point?), or pay someone to reply. Parents in Switzerland enjoy their fondue while the letter is being answered by Swiss Post.

The most amazeballs Post Service on the planet issued 19,448 replies in 2017. It’s pretty impressive, especially for a small country of milk and chocolate.

Swiss Post Santa Op

It’s not a new invention, or a scam powered by some high-tech Replies-From-Santa Generator. The Swiss Post has been on this secret mission for over 60 years now and has been very serious about keeping it mysterious.

All we know is that all the letters addressed to Santa in any way are directed to the Christmas branch in Cadenazzo (yes, the Swiss Post has a Christmas!).

How it works?

Let your kid write the letter, or write it together. Remember to include your postal address, so that Santa knows where to send his reply. Then, put it in the envelope and address it to Santa. You can make up an address, not include one, your choice.

You can write a letter in English, French, German, or Italian.

As the Swiss Info reports, children do not only wish for objects, « they also long for a more peaceful and fair world, and a home environment where siblings or parents don’t argue or fight ».

PS: remember to stamp the letter like you would any other!

Deadline: December 30. If you want to make sure the response from Santa arrives before Christmas, send it already in November or eaurly December the latest.


Every letter sent to Santa: without any address, or with an imaginary address is answered unless the sender didn’t include his/her address. Though even then those super cool postal angels will try and track down the kid. Unfortunately, it is not always possible, and this is why ‘only’ 96% of 20,188 received a response in 2017.

Now that the whole letters to Santa operation is so easy-peasy and, at least when done for the first time, way more exciting than any Elf on the shelf, help your child write a letter!



« Geneva Daycares in Danger » is based on a conversation with Kristina Babina (founder of the TotUp Creche chain) and an email exchange with Mme ​​Sophie Demaurex (member of Geneva’s Grand Conseil, from the Partie Socialiste).

We all know how hard it is to get a place in a public creche (eng. daycare). Many of us know that currently, even private daycares have waiting lists. Yes, this is how bad the situation is. The crisis of childcare solutions in Geneva has been an ongoing problem for years. 

The country needs people to work. The country needs new people to be born. Until humans can be grown in labs and raised by robots, it’s parents’ job. How can people work and have kids if there is no available childcare?

Public and private daycares or official nannies called mamans du jours are all in high demand. Some families resort to hiring a nanny, not always knowing the rules (e.g. sharing one nanny by two or more families is not allowed). Other families decide that one parent will quit their job to stay home with kids (surprise, surprise, it’s most often the mom!).


Private daycares are now obliged to implement the CCT agreement. CCT is a set of 20 rules. One private daycare manager from TotUp tells me the problem is with 3 of those rules:  

  • Obligatory 7 weeks of vacations for employees.
  • CCT requires a 70/30 split of social charges between the employer and the employee. Currently, this daycare does 50/50, as 90% of companies in Switzerland do. Just respecting that would put TotUP into bankruptcy.
  • In public daycares, salaries are based on years of experience, while in TotUP, we believe (as all other private businesses) that salary should be based on capabilities, motivation and performance. 


CCT is a collective labour agreement already implemented in many institutions. Now, the canton wants private daycares to oblige by it as well. We all want people who care for our kids to have excellent working conditions (psst: it even makes me dream of becoming an educator in a public creche).

So, what is wrong with this law? 

Its consequences. As explained to me by Kristina Babina, the founder of TotUp Creche, it will force her to close her daycares in Geneva. Such a pity! Especially, that TotUp was planning to open more structures in the canton of Geneva.


Municipalities subsidise public daycares. What parents pay covers only around 20% of the costs. Private daycares are not subsidized and parents must cover the whole cost. Raising the salaries to the level of public institutions will increase immensely the prices of private daycares. 

If you know anything about running a business in Geneva, you know that the services are expensive because the costs are high. Many companies only make enough money to make ends meet. I have no idea if this is the case for TotUp, but when I calculated the prices in public, considering the lack of subsidies, the price of one place in TotUp may seem high, but in fact, it looks fair.


Kristina Babina assured me that her employees gain at least the minimum wage (“98% of our employees are quite above minimum wage and only 2% are at minimum wage”), and when she cannot offer them money, she does her best to add other benefits. For example, guaranteed daycare space for employee’s child with a 30-40% discount, meals and snacks during work are free, and other perks. 

Because TotUp has several daycares and plans to open more, the career development options are vast; educators receive various workshops that benefit both them and the children. Geneva, nor any other municipality in the canton, do not contribute. So, how can the rules for a private company be the same as for the public?

Side note

In other cantons (VD and FR), TotUp found municipalities that are happy to collaboare. In those daycares, some places are attributed to the parents from the public daycare waitlist. Parents pay the same as they would in the public creche. The municipality pays the difference between the public price and TotUp’s price.

Not to mention that the the requirements for opening a private daycare are easier to meet in many other cantons.

This way, the municipality doesn’t have to create, build, manage, or maintain a new creche (or at least plan to make less). Collaborating with a private company that created the creche, supports it, and repairs it is cheaper than doing it alone from scratch.


There are only as many employees as TotUp needs, like in any private company. This private daycare offers childcare throughout the year, without a break in summer. Shouldn’t that be the case everywhere, by the way? The closing of daycares in summer is a nightmare for many families. Do you know anyone other than school teachers and creche educators who has so many weeks of holidays per year (7 to be exact)? There’s a big chance you only have 4-5 weeks of holidays per year. You want to use it around Christmas, to go skiing in winter, or to use some days to get stuff done. But if you have small kids, you must take it all when the creche is closed. Isn’t it crazy?

If TotUp were to give the same number of holidays to its employees, it would mean that daycare would be closed over the summer, and its employees would no longer be able to plan their days off throughout the year as they need/want.

Confused yet?

When I learnt all that, I was genuinely confused why a political party that has people’s well-being at heart and plans to make life easier (or less strugglesome) in many areas decided to do something that will:

  1. close many private daycares,
  2. push kids from closed private daycares to public daycares,
  3. make the waiting time for public daycare even longer,
  4. push even more parents to quit their jobs.
  5. Make private daycares employees lose their jobs.

Can we all agree that if authorities created enough daycares, with places for everyone, there would be no need for private creches at all?

Many parents who decide to go private do so only because there is no chance they will quickly get a place in the public institution.

The source

I didn’t waste time being confused. I reached out to the Geneva branch of the Socialist Party, asking them to explain why they want to push these changes.

This is the answer I received (translated by Chat GPT) from Sophie Demaurex, Députée au Grand Conseil genevois:

“Solicited by the PS (Socialist Party) to respond, I will proceed. Indeed, I actively supported the referendum in order to avoid cutting the wages of early childhood personnel. After years of advocacy, they could secure Collective Labor Agreements (CCT) or the application of customary practices in non-signatory daycare centres. Given the severe shortage of educators, this alignment is particularly aimed at preventing professional « job-hopping » to the new public or subsidised nonprofit daycare centres as soon as they open. Furthermore, in the social and educational field, there is no reason to burden professionals already struggling with poorly recognised working conditions. The minimum wage was established to support workers, not to diminish the achievements of early childhood personnel. Pedagogical expectations, the care of children with special needs, inclusion, socialisation, nutrition, and more are areas where training, wages, and recognition are crucial.

Municipalities should fund and support early childhood institutions. Some private daycare centres refuse subsidies because they would be required to adhere to certain standards, including prioritising residents and income-based pricing. Schools are not divided into two tiers, so why should daycare centres be?

In conclusion, funding early childhood services to make them accessible to families, YES, but not at the expense of the 95% female professionals.”

Let me know what you think. I don’t know what to think anymore.

Current state of affairs

TotUp is suing the state for meddling with the freedom of commerce. Some political parties, like the Partie Liberal, will work to go back to the previous legal solutions. 

In the meantime, if you understand what is happening and why on the legal front, please – do not hesitate to help me fill in the blanks and assemble this puzzle.

I am keeping my fingers crossed tightly for all the families and all the employees!

Simply Theatre in English – season 23/24

Simply Theatre in English – season 23/24

Once the warm weather goes into hiding and grey rainy days take over, one incredible thing can bring joy to both young and old – theatre! Luckily, we are blessed to have Simply Theatre in Geneva, bringing the excitement of British-style drama to the stage.

Immerse yourself in the sheer magic of live theatre and create cherished memories with your family. Witness the incredible power of storytelling and embrace the breathtaking beauty of the performing arts at Simply Theatre.

Here, at Parentville HQ we’ve been fans of Simply Theatre for years, and we always look forward to the new season.

Professional theatre groups perform some shows, and others – equally great – are brought to life by the students of Simply Theatre Academy (I wrote about it here).

Let’s see what they prepared for us this season!


Romeo & Juliet
November 11-19, ages 11+

This production seems to promise an electrifying and thought-provoking take on Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy, « Romeo and Juliet. » Set in a world marked by ceaseless conflict and deep-rooted animosity, this adaptation of the classic tale delves into the complex theme of forbidden love.

The production is teeming with passion and an unwavering yearning for change. The audience can expect a fiery tale of love at first sight, as well as a deeply emotional exploration of the consequences of love in a hostile world. With a powerful narrative and an exploration of timeless themes, this theatrical production promises to be an intense and unforgettable experience that will resonate with audiences of ages 11+.​


Claus – A Musical Adventure
November 25-26, 28-30; December 1-3, 12-17

This is a show that will make enter the holiday season in a magical and joyful way. As always, the Christmas show at Simply will be filled with magic, laughter, and positive energy! Be prepared that some songs will stay with your family for Christmases to follow. Some songs from Simply’s shows from the past has become traditional in Parentville HQ.

« Claus – A Musical Adventure » is a heartwarming and whimsical story featuring a delightful ensemble of characters and toe-tapping songs that are sure to fill your heart with the spirit of Christmas. It’s a show that’s perfect for the entire family, promising an evening of laughter, magic, and unforgettable memories.

So, join the adventure and let the jolliness of Claus, the magic of Christmas, and the cheer of the holiday season sweep you off your feet. « Claus – A Musical Adventure » is part of the Simply Theatre Studios’ Professional Season, and it’s an experience suitable for all ages, recommended for kids aged 4 and up (please note that tickets are required for children aged 2 and above). The performance is expected to last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, including an intermission.

Get ready to say « Ho ho ho » and let the festive fun begin!

The Lightning Thief – The Percy Jackson Musical
February 20-21, 27-28, ages 8+

Any Percy Jackson fans here? This show is an adaptation from the beloved best-selling book, « Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief » by Rick Riordan. A great opportunity for the fans and those who would like to be introduced to the Percy Jackson’s world?

In the captivating world of Percy Jackson, a young hero with extraordinary lineage faces a host of challenges. Born as the son of a Greek god, Percy grapples with newly-unearthed powers beyond his control, a destiny he never sought, and a legion of mythical monsters hot on his trail.

Trouble erupts when Zeus’s all-powerful lightning bolt is stolen, and Percy finds himself wrongly accused. To clear his name and prevent an impending war among the gods, Percy embarks on a perilous quest to locate and return the stolen bolt. However, catching the thief is just the beginning…

The Wizard of Oz
March, 2-3, 8-10, ages 4+

This is THE show! « The Wizard of Oz » continues the tradition of Simply Theatre’s remarkable productions, following the success of their sell-out show, « Peter Pan. » With stunning sets, captivating costumes, and special effects that will leave you spellbound, the production promises to transport you and your family to the merry and magical land of Oz this March.

It’s a sensational family production that’s sure to delight all ages. This captivating show features the iconic songs from the beloved MGM motion picture, making it a must-see for parents and children alike.

The adventure begins with Dorothy and her faithful companion, Toto, as they are swept away by a powerful tornado from their Kansas farm to the enchanting and mysterious land of Oz. But as they arrive, they quickly discover that nothing is quite as it seems in this magical realm. To find her way back home, Dorothy must grasp an important life lesson: « there’s no place like home. » This heartfelt message resonates with audiences of all ages.

This enchanting journey is recommended for children aged 4 and above, making it a perfect family outing that promises fun, laughter, and valuable life lessons for all.


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
March, 14-24, ages 12+

« 3 Actors. 37 plays. 97 minutes. It’s Shakespeare at its funniest! »

Get ready for Shakespeare like you’ve never seen before! London’s longest-running comedy, « The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), » has made its way to Geneva, and it’s an irreverent, high-energy romp through the entire Shakespearean canon that will have you roaring with laughter.

In this whirlwind production, the comedies are condensed into the uproarious « Four Weddings and a Transvestite, » while the history plays transform into a chaotic game of American football. Othello takes the stage in a rap performance, and Titus Andronicus becomes a TV cooking show. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more entertaining, « Hamlet » is dissected as a psychological exploration of Hamlet’s ego and Ophelia’s id, performed in a matter of minutes, and even delivered in reverse!

Whether you’re a Shakespeare enthusiast or someone who typically avoids the Bard, this show promises to be a riotous experience for all. As « The Today Show » puts it, « If you like Shakespeare, you’ll love this show. If you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this show! »

A word of caution: This performance is a high-speed rollercoaster ride through Shakespeare’s works and may not be suitable for those with heart conditions, bladder concerns, inner-ear or outer-ear disorders, Shakespearean scholars, holders of degrees in Elizabethan history, or anyone prone to motion sickness.

Fantastic Mr Fox
April, 27-28 & May, 2-5, ages 6+

“You know as well as I do: no-one outfoxes a fox!”

Roald Dahl’s « Fantastic Mr. Fox » delivers wholesome family entertainment at its best. This delectable story of avarice, pride, and the strength of camaraderie is a splendid outing for the entire family, offering a side-splitting celebration of one of the animal kingdom’s most remarkable heroes.

Mr. Fox is intelligent, resourceful, and truly remarkable, but he underestimates the relentless determination of these vengeful farmers. Can he devise a plan to protect his family and friends? Will they manage to elude the menacing diggers and outmaneuver the farmers? And will Rabbit manage to keep quiet long enough to avoid giving their secret away?



revolv bikes – game changing rental service

revolv bikes – game changing rental service

Revolv Bikes is revolutionizing the way kids ride! Say goodbye to the stress of buying a bike that your child will outgrow in no time. They take care of everything, from hassle-free delivery to your doorstep to the seamless return process when your child is ready for an upgrade. You can trust that every bike is either brand new or meticulously reconditioned (at a lower tariff), ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride for the next lucky rider. Experience the joy of hassle-free biking with Revolv Bikes!

Revolv has kindly gave us one bike for 12 months to check the service, test the bike, and let you know how we feel about it. It’s been a few days and so far, we think it’s brilliant and the bike is wonderful!

Revolv has all types of bikes, starting with balance bikes (8 chf/month new, 6,50 chf/month reconditioned), off-road balance bikes (sic!), first pedals bikes, city bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, and more!


  • Convenient online long-term rental.
  • Hassle-free home delivery and pick up.
  • 14-day test ride period to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Save money without compromising on quality.
  • High quality and safe bikes only.
  • Catering to all ages: from balance bikes to rugged off-road bikes.
  • Easily upgrade to a bigger size when needed.
  • Promoting circular economy!
Revolv Bikes geneve Bike subscription children


Tom Skelton established Revolv with the goal of making high-quality cycling more affordable, safer, environmentally friendly, and accessible. As a father of three young children, he is well aware of how rapidly kids outgrow their bikes, how expensive high-quality bikes can be and how quickly inexpensive bikes become unusable.

This is how Revolv came into existence, born out of a love for cycling and a passion for the circular economy. Revolv offers lightweight, top-quality bikes that guarantee a quality ride and long useful life.

Step 1.

Go on RevolvBikes.com and choose a bike depending on your child’s age, cycling skills, and the inseam length. You’ll find an easy guide explaining how to choose the right bike and its size.

Step 2.

Select your preferred plan, either subscribe or purchase (you can benefit from easy exchange in both cases), and proceed with payment. Subscriptions have a minimum term of 12 months, with the option to upgrade to a larger size after just 6 months (although bikes should last at least 12-18 months if correctly sized).


The bike will arrive to your door any day now! It will be sent by Swiss Post’s ‘priority’ service. This allows you to select a delivery slot that suits your availability, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery experience.

Your bike will be carefully checked and packaged in a sizable box (it wouldn’t be fun carrying it from the post office), with almost all assembly work completed before shipping. The handlebars will need straightening and pedals attaching on receipt, but rest assured—it’s a straightforward process and the team at Revolv are on hand to help with any questions, making it easy for you to get your bike ready for your adventures.

Step 4.

The initial 14 days serve as a trial period, allowing you to confirm that the bike’s size and design are an ideal fit for your child. Within this timeframe, you have the flexibility to return or exchange the bike. But if everything meets your expectations (which is highly likely!), go ahead and savor the experience! Ride and have a blast!

Step 5.

At the 6-month mark, you have the option to upgrade your child’s bike within your plan for a small fee to help cover postage. After 12 months for balance bikes, and 18 months for all other bikes, this upgrade becomes free of charge. The process is straightforward: select your new bike online, coordinate its return (the postal service can collect it from your home), and anticipate the swift arrival of your brand-new bike!


Revolv Bikes provides top-notch bicycles with no upfront costs. Purchasing such bikes can be relatively expensive, especially considering that children tend to outgrow them quickly. Opting for a 12-month subscription offers a more cost-effective alternative to buying the same bike. If you do prefer to buy, Revolv offer this too along with the option to buy the bike back from you within the first three years at a predetermined price!

Subscriptions range from 8 CHF/month for a brand new balance bike up to 49.50 CHF/month for a gnarly 26” offroad bike that would otherwise cost CHF 1,429 to buy – with many other sizes and types of bikes in between.

Please be aware that the subscription does not include maintenance (other than a full service, including replacing parts as necessary, between owners) or insurance coverage (as consumers often have coverage under their home insurance or ‘responsabilite civl’ insurance for rentals).

Circular economy

Bicycles, just like any other product, should be designed to last. Instead of opting for cheap, disposable alternatives, it’s essential to invest in quality that stands the test of time. With a subscription-based ownership model, Revolv promotes sustainability by reducing the use of raw materials and cutting down on production and transportation costs.

By choosing higher-quality bicycle components, you not only enjoy extended lifespans and improved performance, but you also experience fewer breakdowns, especially with regular maintenance, making your riding experience safer.

Revolv offers a subscription model that ensures you only pay for the time your child can use the bike. They facilitate bike exchanges among users, maximizing the usage of each bicycle and minimizing waste. Every bike in their fleet receives meticulous maintenance and refurbishment between subscribers, guaranteeing an extended and productive life.

Moreover, this subscription model eliminates the need for significant upfront costs and replaces them with affordable monthly payments, making high-quality bicycles accessible to more families.


Revolv delivers bikes all across Switzerland. But if you’re in the Geneva region and looking for a more personal touch, why not book an appointment at their showroom in Vesenaz? Get ready to be blown away by their great collection of bikes and kids’ cycling accessories! The friendly and knowledgeable team at the showroom will guide you through the process, ensuring that you find the bike of your dreams.

Don’t miss the Showroom Inauguration Day on October 14th – amazing deals will be offered on that day only.

I hope my explanations are easy to understand and, well, convincing! Go to RevolvBikes.com and check it out for yourself!




Route de Thonon 70.
1222 Vesenaz

Halloween 2023 for kids in Geneva

Halloween 2023 for kids in Geneva

Are you searching for Halloween activities for your kids or the entire family? Look no further, as Parentville has you covered! Geneva and the surrounding region are bustling with spooky events, including an exhilarating Halloween Festival!

While trick-or-treating is undoubtedly the highlight, it’s not always available in every neighbourhood. But fear not. You can help create the Halloween magic! Decorate your door to signal that little ghouls and goblins can knock for treats, and encourage your neighbours to join in the festive fun by doing the same! »

October: 28-29, 31.

This thrilling program offers a variety of spooktacular activities for families and adventure seekers alike. From Halloween-themed wine tastings in picturesque vineyards to spooky adventures in haunted houses and enchanted forests, there’s something for everyone.
Explore the mysterious streets of Old Town Geneva or join a thrilling candy hunt at Switzerland’s largest urban park, Parc des Evaux. Don’t miss out on the chance to crack the code and unlock the treats hidden by the mischievous fairy Mélusia in Geneva’s Jardin Anglais. For those seeking a darker experience, delve into the haunting history of Geneva with candlelit tours through the city’s chilling past.
And, of course, discover the fascinating stories behind the Cimetière des Rois, a must-visit location in Geneva, during the « Les fantômes du Cimetière des Rois » autumn tour. Get ready for a Halloween celebration like no other, filled with adventure, surprises, and spooky delights!

MORE INFO: at Hallomania.

In 1758, Voltaire settled in Ferney for a peaceful retirement. A forgotten secret manuscript, after his death, resurfaces through an archaeologist’s discovery. Supernatural events unfold as a young man tries to contact Voltaire. Simultaneously, a visitor is found dead in the castle. Solve the mystery of the lost manuscript and the murderer. For ages 8+. Find the details here.

Chateau de Prangins
October 29

Prangins castle invites children to come in costumes and enjoy a day of enchantment. Explore candlelit gardens, listen to witch tales, and participate in parent-child workshops (for ages 6 and up) at various time slots. The garden offers insights into toxic plants and ancient remedies, complete with a witch’s story, while the Château provides a haunted atmosphere, surprise tastings, and spooky tales. Each workshop accommodates up to 20 participants, and adults must accompany children. Free entry for kids up to 16, with adults at CHF 10.

MORE INFO: Chateau de Prangins.

October 28

Let’s celebrate Halloween together! On Saturday, October 28th, there’s an unforgettable Halloween event planned, packed with activities for children. From a mini Trick-or-Treat party for kids under 4 to an adventure in a dark room full of surprises, a pumpkin hunt, classical music, and dancing the mummy dance, or creating spine-tingling LEGO creations surrounded by funny witches, children are in for a treat!
This exceptional event, in collaboration with Bricks4Kidz, caters to three age groups: 0 – 4 years, 4 – 7 years, and 8+ years. Hurry, as spots are limited. Parents can pre-book a spot for their little ones for CHF 35 for the mini-party and CHF 50 for 2 hours of fun for children aged 4 and up. It promises to be a fantastically spooky celebration for all!

MORE INFO: email Spell Languages.

October 28th

If you needed an excuse to visit the House of Paint aka HOP in Satigny, you have one now. Saturday, the 28th from 14h the House of Paint will become a scary place (not too much). There’ll be a graffiti jam, tattoos, music, and a bar. It’s just a few minutes (under 10) train ride from Cornavin to Zimeysa station.

MORE INFO: on HOP instagram page here.

Halloween à la Ferme Pommier
October: 31st

A special Halloween evening will take place on October 31st from 4 pm to 10 pm. The program includes various spooky activities, including a registration-based Murder Party (on-site), pumpkin soup, and devilish cocktails!

The event is co-organized by the Centre de loisirs, the team of the off-site travail social hors murs (TSHM)), and the members of the community’s Social and Community Action Service. More info here.

Chateau de Chillon
October 14

Join us for « Scary Night at the Castle » on October 14, 2023, at Chillon Castle. Drako, the castle dragon, has been cursed, and it’s up to your family to save him in this magical adventure. Explore the fortress, encounter surprises, and enjoy a mix of scares and laughter. This family-friendly event, conducted in French, offers frightfully delicious food at Café Byron. Due to limited parking,  it is best to use public transport or parking at Tronchenaz in Villeneuve and taking bus line 201 to the castle. Stay tuned for the detailed program online!

MORE INFO: the Chateau website.

October 28-29, ages 7+

On October 27th and 28th, visitors can immerse themselves in Halloween festivities at Geneva’s Adventure Park, which will have a special nighttime opening from 7 PM to 11 PM. Guests can secure their spots by booking in advance on the website, selecting their preferred date.

In contrast to the regular tree-top adventure experience, guests reserve their spots for the entire evening, and the park provides headlamps to enhance the experience of navigating the courses at night, offering an unforgettable and unique twist to the usual daytime activities. Furthermore, the park will be adorned with Halloween-themed decorations, the staff will be in costume, and each visitor will receive a delightful welcome treat. To add to the fun, guests are encouraged to come dressed up, and to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, the number of participants is limited to 150.

Pricing for this extraordinary Halloween adventure includes adult tickets at CHF 52.-, tickets for children aged 7-11 at CHF 38.-, and tickets for teenagers aged 12-17 at CHF 42.-. Don’t miss out on this spooktacular Halloween experience in Geneva!

MORE INFO: at Parc Aventure.

Mini Train in Pully
November 4-5

Get ready for a spooktacular Halloween adventure with MiNi-Train’s annual Halloween event! Immerse yourself in thrilling Halloween-themed decorations and hop aboard our special train, the one that sends shivers down your spine! This eerie train makes a spine-chilling stop in an abandoned tunnel, where unknown forces take hold of the passengers… At least one train in operation won’t give you the creeps and will pass through the tunnel without stopping. Join us for a hair-raising Halloween journey like no other! Kids in costumes ride for free!

MORE INFO: at Mini Train.

October 14 – November 5

Summon your courage and immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit as you wander through the pathways of Chaplin’s World Park, transformed into iconic scenes from horror films. Encounter Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, skeletal pirates, and other legendary monsters for an authentically spine-chilling Halloween atmosphere. Beware, as you might stumble upon a resurrected mummy or a real-life werewolf lurking in its den around the corner.

Encouraged to come in costumes, both young and old will instantly be engulfed in the Halloween vibe with decorations that strike the perfect balance between chilling and fun. These activities are suitable for ages 6 and up, promising a hair-raising and delightful Halloween experience for all.

Tickets from 10 chf/person.

MORE INFO: Chaplin’s World.

October 26

Get ready for Halloween at Maison du Salève! Choose one of the forest-dwelling animals to embody this year and create a mask in its likeness. After the workshop, embark on a journey through the exhibition « La forêt, maison des animaux » (The Forest, Home of Animals) and enjoy a delightful snack.

Priced at €12 per child, the package includes the workshop, exhibition visit, and a tasty treat. All our activities require advance registration, and children must be accompanied by a free adult. Please ensure participants wear weather-appropriate clothing and suitable footwear for outdoor activities.

Secure your spot by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 04 50 95 92 16. Join us for a Halloween adventure amidst nature!

Gland, October 7 & 14

Your children can take part in a pumpkin decorating workshop, offered in collaboration with Collège Champittet, right in the heart of the Shilliger Garden Center in Gland. This engaging workshop lasts for approximately 20 minutes, providing the perfect opportunity for kids to unleash their creativity and add a touch of autumn magic to their very own pumpkins. It’s a fantastic way for children to embrace the spirit of the season and create cherished memories.

Swiss Vapeur Parc
October 13-31

Witches and ghosts have descended upon the park to celebrate the season in style. Join in the fun with witch hunts, mazes, and a host of other thrilling surprises, available daily from 10 AM to 6 PM, and on Fridays and Saturdays, extend the excitement until 9 PM!

But the real Halloween treat awaits on October 31st, when the park stays open from 10 AM to 9 PM for an extended day of ghoulish delights. Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate Halloween in a uniquely enchanting setting. It’s bound to be a bewitching experience for the whole family!

MORE INFO: Swiss Vapeur Parc.

October holidays & November 5

Families are invited to a special Halloween day at Signal de Bougy on November 5th! Professional makeup artists will be on hand from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to transform children into little monsters. The famous Halloween mini disco will keep the festivities going from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., so don your best costumes and join Zack, the mascot, on the dance floor while enjoying the entertainment provided by Djerem & Djben!

For those seeking adventure, explore the park by solving a special Halloween puzzle game. To embark on this exciting quest, simply download the Enigmatix app, create an account, and head to the starting location mentioned in the app.

The special Halloween puzzle game will be available throughout the fall school holidays, offering hours of thrilling fun. The whole team at Signal de Bougy is eager to welcome families for a day filled with Halloween excitement. Come if you dare, and make lasting memories with your loved ones!

MORE INFO: at Signal de Bougy.

Yatouland Halloween Party
October: 28th

Experience a Haunted Train, tattoos, DJ Mike’s Disco Party, and a live concert by Verity, featuring her latest track, ‘Siren Head.’ Kids can bounce on inflatable castles. Enter contests to win CHF 3000 in prizes, including two CHF 499 birthday packages. Don’t miss our Scariest Family Photo contest on Facebook @Yatouland.

Pre-sale tickets available: Child Entry (CHF 20 with syrup), Adult Entry (CHF 20 with welcome cocktail), and Family Pack (CHF 60 for 4). Reservations recommended, and parking is limited. Book your unforgettable Halloween night at Yatouland!

More info here.

October: 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29

Spooky creative workshops at Le Petit Monde de Zoe in Paquis. For ages 4+ creation of Halloween lanterns, For ages 6+ spooky house craft fun! Both workshops are 2 hours long, cost 20 chf/child – price includes materials and snacks.

MORE INFO: over at Zoe’s website.

Soirée Halloween au Vitam’Ludic
October: 27th

A thrilling Halloween night at Vitam’ludic’s Grand Games! Dress up, have fun, and win prizes. Enjoy a buffet, treats, and games all night on October 27th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM. Prices: €20 per child, €11 per adult. Add glow-in-the-dark makeup for €4 per child with early drop-off at 7 PM. Don’t miss out on the fun! Book your spot here.




If you haven’t heard about Simply Theatre by now (or heard but didn’t get into the details), stop now and read what I have to tell you.

It’s an English-speaking Theatre with a performing arts Academy. You can see their shows in Versoix and Zurich or enrol your children into the Academy in various locations in Geneva, Annecy, Lausanne, Basel, Zug, and Zurich. Their classes and camps are by far one of the best English-spoken extracurricular activities I encountered in Geneva!


I’ve taken my daughter to Simply’s plays since she was about 3. We loved every one of them – to the point that we still sing the Christmas song from one of the shows we saw 5-6 years ago. The shows are joyful and playful, the actors interact with the audience, and nobody is ever annoyed by kids jumping, dancing or vocalizing excitement from their seats. It’s pure joy!

Simply Theatre’s programme this year is spectacular! There are many shows for all age groups. I’d suggest you go see one of them if you have any doubts about the quality of this theatre and its Academy (in most plays, actors come from Simply’s drama classes, some like the Christmas show have professional actors too).


Before I got her to agree to enrol, I had been trying to convince my daughter to join drama classes by Simply for years. After the first 3 weeks, on our way back home, she said: “Mom, I am so sorry I was saying no to these classes for years. How silly of me! I will never stop and for my own kids, drama with Simply will be obligatory!”.

Not to mention that her school reports started to reflect a lot she has learnt at Simply Theatre. Drama or performing art classes are not only an occasion to learn some hard skills, but kids come out with new or boosted soft skills like teamwork and more confidence as well! Their courses (from age 4 to 18) start from an hour a week and run from September to June. Lots of time options after school and on Saturday mornings.


You may think that drama or performing arts classes are for those loud, shiny, extroverted kids with Broadway or movie career ambitions. Don’t get me wrong, they will benefit from these classes immensely (they can even pass LAMDA exams!). But introverted or even shy children have even more to gain.

Drama classes help build up confidence and self-esteem. Not to mention getting over the fear of speaking in front of a group, pitching ideas, and being openly creative. This is all visible at the end-of-the-year showcase! There is no way an outsider could guess which child is the silent introvert – after a year of classes, they all open up (at least on the stage).


The first trimester focuses on building a team, getting to know each other, and working in pairs, small groups, and big groups. To ensure they can prepare the showcase as a team. This can be a challenge for shy/introverted children. Still, Simply’s teachers do a brilliant job getting everyone together and ensuring everybody feels welcome.

Those shy kids will feel free to be silly, create, and improvise. They will practice expressing different emotions and bring a lot to the team by understanding the feelings of those around them. And last but not least, they will surely make friends!

But again, confident and outgoing kids will benefit from these classes, too! And who knows, it may lead to a successful career!


The second trimester is filled with improvisation but also understanding scripts and characters. It’s all needed to enter the last trimester, the most exciting one – preparation of the showcase!

The order of what is done each trimester is slightly different between age groups. The 12+ groups will have their showcase in the second trimester (so that it doesn’t clash with their school exams).

During the whole year, children can also enter auditions for shows at Simply’s Theatre HQ in Versoix. Even without getting the role of their dreams, auditions are another great way to experience performing arts, and push one’s boundaries.


One important thing about Simply Theatre Academy is how teachers interact with parents. It’s not just about the facts. They are warm, open, kind, and communicative. A few weeks into the school year, parents will be invited to observe the class (it’s so much fun)! Parents can contact their child’s teacher anytime with questions and information.

The cheery on top is the mid-year parent-teacher meeting (online). So many parents I talked to were deeply touched by the deep insights they received and by the understanding towards their child’s personality at the Academy.

The meeting lets parents know more about the classes and their child’s participation. On the other hand, it gives the teachers more insights about the child and helps them understand what to focus on with each student for the rest of the year.


Simply Theatre is an English-speaking theatre with drama and performing arts classes in English. Children must be fluent confident with English (able to understand instructions and communicate) in English to attend.

Classes take place in Versoix, Petit-Lancy, Chene-Bougeries, Annecy, Lausanne. They are also available in Basel, Zug, and Zurich.

The open day, when you can find out more about courses and kids can try some activities, takes place every year in May. Simply Theatre doesn’t offer trial classes, apart from the trial day in May, but the first six weeks of term can be considered a trial, as you can break the contract and receive a refund up until the end of the first term if you are not sure for your kid.

You can learn more about Simply Theatre’s shows and lessons at simplytheatre.com.



It’s sometimes hard to write a school review but not this time. I visited the TotUp school in Lancy, and I was increasingly in awe with every minute of the tour!

Of course, we all have different ideas of what a great school is, and as I will try to make this article as objective as possible, remember you can only get your opinion if you visit the school yourself.

TOTUP is offering Parentville readers one private half-day school discovery
and 350 CHF off of enrolment fees
if you decide to sign up your child!


Totup in Lancy is a small school with all advantages a small school can offer! It’s open for children aged 3-8 yo. It’s located in the Geneva Business Centre in Lancy on the same floor as Totup Creche and the Totup Family Sports Centre (the school uses as their gym). Children are grouped in a preschool class, 1p class, and 2-4p are all together in one class, too (I’ll explain how brilliantly it works below). It’s a bilingual English-French school, and it is open to children with special needs.

Three main things that caught my attention were: school’s focus on sustainability, individual approach to each child, and openness to kids with special needs! The details blew my mind!

The school is small, the rooms are not massive, and they are not equipped with miracles of modern technology. It’s not needed. Children spend much time learning outdoors, cultivating vegetables in the school’s garden, and on various outings.


Sustainability is taken very seriously at Totup School. The topic is discussed with children, who are invited to think of how the school can improve at saving energy and water and producing less garbage. Since the program’s introduction, the administration saw an actual cost drop! Instead of investing in screens and modern what-nots, TotUp invested in a garden. It offers children hands-on contact with nature, is a great place for science classes, and provides the school with veggies and fruit in spring! This way, children see the whole process: from the seed – to the meal.

Apart from gardening, children have regular cooking workshops. They do become independent in the kitchen by the end of the school! They also have regular zero waste, recycling, and DIY workshops with the most lovable teacher!


I was excited to learn that one of the ways TotUp teaches respect, inclusion, and empathy is through monthly visits to the local elderly house (EMS). Most children don’t have (great)grandparents here in Geneva and are missing out on being in touch with seniors. The trips to the local EMS are beneficial for kids and seniors. They talk, play, have fun and benefit from each other’s warmth and smiles. I find it beyond wonderful!


When it comes to teaching math, literacy and other typical school subjects, a class with kids of mixed ages brilliantly helps when the program/tasks need to be personalised. In such a class, the teacher can quickly react when a child is advanced in one area or another or if they need help. Older children help smaller children, and younger children can observe the older ones. Parents receive very detailed few pages long reviews of their child’s progress twice a year. I saw it – it’s impressive.

There is no homework unless essential, which should become a rule world over for kids in primary schools. Bravo Totup!


As mentioned above, the school is bilingual. Languages alternate each week. Children spend one week with an English teacher in an English classroom and move to the French classroom and a French teacher the following week. It gives the language more context: different places, different teachers. The library holds books in both languages. It’s an excellent way for French-speaking children to learn English and for English speakers to master French!


Last but not least, Totup welcomes children with special needs. They already have experience from their creche that was always accommodating for children requiring special care. Of course, I cannot assure you they can welcome kids with every possible disability or challenging situation, but they assess it case by case to be sure they can provide what the child needs. Get in touch with them to know more.

Everything I found out during the tour of Totup School was terrific. A fantastic team created the school of my dreams – relaxed, joyful, but still providing excellent education. Knowing the founder, I can only suspect many more beautiful features will be added to the program.

TOTUP is offering Parentville readers one private half-day school discovery
and 350 CHF off of enrolment fees
if you decide to sign up your child!


Summer camps Geneva 2023

Summer camps Geneva 2023

Summer is around the corner! It’s the last moment to book the best summer camps in Geneva. Below, you’ll find a selection that covers various interests, and ages.

There are plenty of summer camps in Geneva, it’s impossible to list them all, but I hope you’ll find interesting things in this selection.

Disclaimer: most of camps here are listed in a form of a paid collaboration. Rest assured Parentville only does paid collabs when the service/product is worth recommending!

Simply Theatre Summer Camps

Simply Theatre Academy has a fabulous lineup of summer workshops for 5 to 18 year olds in Geneva for 2023 running at their Versoix studios during July and August. There is something for everyone this summer, including, Abba Mania, Harry Potter, Disney Delights, Movie in a Week, Popstar to Superstar, Broadway Kids  … and MORE! Their fantastic tutors are drawn from across the world of theatre, television and film to deliver exhilarating and unique camps for all ages. Every tutor is passionate about working with young people and are hand-picked for each camp to ensure a first-class experience for students. Why not add some theatrical magic to your family’s summer plans?

Their summer camps are open to non-students too, so it is a great way to experience what life is like at the Academy.

Running daily from 9 am – 4 pm Monday to Friday, wrap-around care at ‘Back Stage Club’ is also available.

AGE:  5+
PRICE:  295CHF for Mini Performers (5-6 years); 595CHF for Young Performers (7-11) and Performers (12-18). 10% discount for all siblings
CONTACT: simplytheatre.com

geneva summer camps 2023 simply theatre

IIL Camps

Looking for inspiration to keep your kids busy this summer? IIL Camps offers over 50+ camps for children and teenagers aged 3 to 17 years old, to make the most of the summer holidays in Geneva! Whether you’re looking for sports, arts, technology, discovery, outdoor or water activities, there’s something to suit all tastes and ages! You’re sure to find the right holiday camp for your children from our wide selection! Our camps are available in full-day or half-day formats, and are open to all children.
At IIL Camps, we do our utmost to ensure that every child can enjoy a summer holiday that’s just right for them, by taking part in enriching and fulfilling activities. Once again this summer, we have lots of surprises in store! And because we’re open to the world, most of our camps are run in both French and English, providing a bilingual environment for all
Our team of qualified professionals is looking forward to looking after your children and teenagers this summer and giving them an unforgettable experience! Discover all our summer camps here.

AGE: 3 to 17 y.o.
LOCATION: Grand Lancy, Geneva (Institut International Lancy)
PRICE: from 275chf / week
PRACTICAL INFO: drop off from 8.30am, pick-up until 6pm / costs include
morning and/or afternoon snacks / options available for lunch.
CONTACT: [email protected] or +41 (0) 76 410 26 20

summer camps geneva 2023 ill camps


Offer your kids playful and creative language camps. With Spell Languages you are opting for the highest quality and lasting impact on your kids’ life’s journey. You also chose from three age groups as well as different languages such as English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Here your kids will have lots of fun and will live unforgettable adventures surrounded by the sounds of classical music and inspired by the most prominent artists of all times – be it literature or painting, in a magic-filled forest. Expect daily outings and team games. Is it a treasure hunt in the old town or the mindfulness activities by the river that your children will tell you about back at home? Enroll now and see for yourself!
Practical information: drop off from 8 am and pick up until 6 pm, option to choose 3-dish lunch & discounts for enrollments of 2 or 3 weeks applicable.

AGE: 4+
LOCATION: Plainpalais area.
PRICE: from 460 chf/week.
CONTACT: check details here.

summer camps geneva 2023 spell languages


Themed bilingual summer camps. Every week new theme. Price includes: meal plan, excursions, creative & sport activities, bilingual programme and lots of fun!
Price: 500 CHF/ week 7:00-19:00; 350 CHF/ week 7:00-14:30. 10% discount for the second child & 20% for the third child. For more info and reservations contact TotUp at [email protected].

AGES: 3-7
LOCATION: Petit-Lancy, Thonex, Veytaux (VD), Epalinges (VD), Crissier (VD), Estavayer-le-lac (FR).
PRICE: 350-500 chf/week
CONTACT: [email protected]

summer camps Geneva 2023 totup


Gymboree Geneva will host Bilingual Summer Camp from Monday 3rd of July to Friday 18th of August (mornings, afternoons or all days). There will be themed art activities, music and songs, play and movement on their specially designed equipment, tactile time, imaginary play, story time and more. It is a time for children to have fun and make new friends as well as an opportunity to learn French and English. There will be play time outside in the afternoons. Costs include a morning snack and/or afternoon snack and all class room and art materials. For children staying all day parents are to provide lunch for them.

AGE: 3-6 yo
PRICE: from 350 CHF/week
HOURS: 8h30 – 16h30
LOCATION: Grand Saconnex
MORE INFO: click here or contact via [email protected] or call 022 920 9200

summer camps geneva 2023 gymboree


We are happy to welcome your children in our summer camp, we organize fun, creative and pedagogical activities for seven weeks.
In July, your kids will get the opportunity to danse and explore light, colours and shadow (3-7 th July), to join the wonderful world of Marvel and jump at Airloop (11-14 th July), to live like pirates and go on a treasury hunts (17-21 st July), and to discover Amazonia and practice capoeira (24-28 th July).
During August, let’s go to the beach, and play outside with sand and coconuts (31 st July – 4 th August), meet the funny Kimochee team and talk about emotions (7 th -11 th August) and finally prepare an extraordinary carnival for animals, practicing the circus disciplines and making plastic art (14 th -18 th August)!

AGES: 4-12
LOCATION: Carouge.
CONTACT: lesateliersdalice.com
LUNCH: available for 12 chf/day.

summer camps geneva 2023 ateliers d'alice

PEP English

Full immersion, multi-activity camps with qualified teachers to learn English in small groups from age 5. Thanks to a structured yet fun approach, children of all levels develop vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation. The varied creative and dynamic activities take place both indoors and outdoors.
Themes for 2023:
● Time Travel in Geneva (based on the book The Geneva Chronicles)
● Around the World
● Let’s explore Canada & the USA

PEP offers full or half day options and a discount for siblings or children attending multiple

AGES: 5+
PRICE: 350/week (half day) or 600/week (full day)
CONTACT: here.

summer camps geneva 2023 pep english


Ignite your kids’ creativity this summer at our Knock On Wood woodworking camps! Let them join skilled craftsmen, unleash their imagination, and create lasting memories.
Immerse them in a dynamic and supportive environment, surrounded by woodworking enthusiasts who share their passion. Woodworking serves as great activity to enhance manual- and real life problem solving skills. Our methodologies have been designed and validated for 21st-century kids taking them back to basics without going back in time.

Our full-day camps are for younger kids with an afternoon splash in Nations Square Fountains.
Half-day is the best option for lazy teens and sleepyheads. Let them sleep till midday, and come for woodworking after lunch. Digital-manual or Ceramic-wood combinations are offered this year as innovative combined craft experiences for those kids that are up for challenges.

Our state-of-the-art 500 sqm woodworking facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line tools and materials, ensuring a safe and inspiring learning environment.
Secure their spots today and let your kids’ woodworking dreams take shape!

AGE: 7+
LOCATION: Nations area (La Voie-Creuse 16)
PRICE: from 360 chf/week
CONTACT: kowcraftfactory.com

summer camps geneva 2023 knock on wood


Les stages d’été reviennent chez Bubbles du 3 juillet au 25 août 2023. Cette été, rejoins-nous et pars à la découverte des enfants du monde à travers tes dessins animés préférés. Au programme, découverte d’un nouveau pays chaque semaine. Les inscriptions sont déjà ouvertes ! À travers ces stages d’été, Bubbles soutient l’association Enfants du Monde​. ​10.- seront reversés pour chaque inscription. À très vite chez Bubbles !

AGES: 4+
LOCATION: Eaux-Vives
PRICE: from 399 CHF/week.
CONTACT: 022 774 55 55 ou [email protected]

summer camps geneva 2023 bubbles


Looking for an adventure-packed summer camp for your child? Collège du Léman offers all students aged 8 to 14 the Discovery Camp, from June 16th to July 14th. Your child will experience incredible outdoor activities, make unforgettable memories, and new friends. Each day, your child will embark on a new adventure like acrobranching, aquapark, zipline park, Genève Plage, Signal de Bougy, and much more.

CDL Discovery Camp, from Monday to Friday, 9am- 5pm.
Other camps from age 4 to 18, day and boarding – here.

AGES: 8-14
LOCATION: Versoix.
PRICE: from 725 chf/week
CONTACT: College du Leman.

summer camps geneva 2023 college du leman


Dive into Summer with Intensive Swimming Lessons at Red Whale Bellevue Swimming Pool! Join us for five weeks of exhilarating swimming lessons during the Summer (03 July – 04 August). Improve your skills and build confidence in the water! Daily sessions at the same convenient time. Lessons in English & French. Small groups with teachers in the water. Sign up for the entire week (5 lessons from Monday to Friday) at an unbeatable price of 200 CHF.
Our multilingual instructors provide personalized attention, ensuring clear communication and an inclusive learning environment. Don’t miss this chance to improve your technique, and boost water confidence. Limited spots available, so reserve yours today! Register at www.redwhale.ch and dive into a Summer filled with fun, progress, and lifelong memories!

AGE: from 3.5 months (with a parent), from 3.5yo independently.
LOCATION: Bellevue
PRICE: 200 chf
CONTACT: www.redwhale.ch

red whale summer camp geneva 2023


Our camps are organized in French- and German-speaking Switzerland during the school holidays. They welcome children and teenagers aged 5 to 17 for a morning or a full day and focus on original themes such as robotics, computer programming, mechanics, video game development, and much more!  Mixing theory and practice, our courses enable participants to acquire new knowledge that will be very useful for their future!

AGE: 5-14 yo
LOCATION: Lancy & Nations area
PRICE: from 380 chf
CONTACT: futurekids.io

summer camps geneva 2023 future kids


Planet Climbing offers HOLIDAY CAMPS for your child where they will enjoy a great mix of sports related to climbing as well as other fun and creative activities. These week-long camps are not only for “climber-kids”! Every child will enjoy the time learning new skills and making friends. All our camps are fully guided and ensure a safe and fun time is had by all.
In the program: climbing games in our climbing gym, outdoor climbing day, yoga kids, arts and crafts, judo and more outdoor games in collaboration with third party providers.
Come join us and push your vertical limits for fun! Groups of 8 kids max. Weekly and daily booking possible. From 08:30 to 17:00. Extra child-care hours on-demand.


AGE: 5-12 yo
PRICE: 490 CHF/week or 125 CHF/day. Discount of -10% on the full week price if at least 3 bookings at the same time (family/friends).
CONTACT: planetclimbing.ch

summer camps geneva 2023 planet climbing


This half day morning camp, to teach English, is set in the beautiful Geneva countryside. The campers have many adventures, visiting forests, farms, and vineyards. They experience life close to the animals and plants of a lush, green village. With fresh fruit and berries from the region, the little chefs also bake pastry treats!

English is taught everyday using art, songs, games, and multimedia. A small camp of maximum 12 children per week. The director, a certified English teacher, with her fully bilingual team (FR/ENG), ensure that children get individual attention with language practice and are monitored. Join us! Learn, explore and create!

AGE: 4-10 yo
PRICE: 245 CHF/week (half- day camp)
HOURS: 8h30 – 12h30
MORE INFO: Contact [email protected] or call 022 751 33 26

summer camps geneva 2023 choulex


Addictlab is an international creative think tank with a number of dedicated research labs that promote scientific and creative learning. Addictlab selects activities from these labs for educational workshops, team building activities as well as creative exhibitions. Addictlab’s mission is to mix creative disciplines.
This Summer Addictlab organizes two Summer STEAM Camps (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) in the afternoons of July (from 14:30 to 17:30) during the following weeks:

  • Week 3-7 July at Campus Biotech Innovation Park (Geneva);
  • Week 10-14 July at Château de Voltaire (Ferney Voltaire).

By the end of the summer STEAM camp, kids will have experienced how to draw in 3D, 3D print, paint in virtual reality, learn about solar panels, robotics and coding, and so much more. Over 25 activities are offered to push kids’ ability to creative thinking, collaboration, computational thinking. All activities are evaluated and linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) of the United Nations. Please register to our newsletter here, to stay in touch.

AGE: 7+
LOCATION: Campus Biotec & Chateau Voltaire
MORE INFO: Registration form here, general info about Addictlab here.

summer camp geneva 2023 addictlab


  • All maisons de quartiers organize day camps for kids over the summer. The program will vary from one maison to the other, but they all include tons of fun, small and big trips! Be sure to check what your neighborhood offers!
  • CPV – is an association that has been organizing holiday camps for the last 50 years. The selection is BIG!
  • ASK – All Special Kids. ASK organizes camps for children 3-17 years old, who have Learning Differences and Special Educational Needs.
  • Intersoccer – football camps for kids, special weeks of « girls only »!
  • New! Camps at Ecole Rudolf Steiner.

Anna de Wit – family photo sessions

Anna de Wit – family photo sessions

Time flies, kids grow up fast. Can we rely on our memory to grasp all that’s precious? Somewhat, probably. But photography is a great way to help our memory and this is why I have to tell you about Anna de Wit and her unique family photo session.

Psst: Mother’s Day is coming!


Anna is a mum of two. A trailing wife who transformed a hobby into a beautiful business.
What is unique about it? Anna specializes in family sessions at home – at client’s places. She is a magician that takes beautiful pictures in any apartment or house – no matter how you think it’s cluttered, unorganized, not pretty enough – Anna will make it work.


There’s something very sweet about professional photographes at home taken by Anna de Wit. Home is where we spend a lot of time as families. Every table, sofa, bed, carpet – they have been witnesses of our daily life, of kids’ first steps, or game nights filles with laughter.
Who knows how long this objects will be able to stay with us? Who knows how long we will stay in this house?


Anna’s talents in photography are plenty. What I love when we work with her is that she helps us feel at ease in front of the camera. There is no posing, no special outfits, it’s just us and Anna documenting us in our private space.

*side note: our photo sessions took place during the pandemic, so were not at home (us in the window, Anna downstairs; the second in front of our stairs, and then one time in the Old Town).

The pictures always turn out beautiful. They are natural, they don’t lie, they don’t create a parallel universe. They are perfect.


And how practical is it to have these sessions at home?! Especially when you’re pregnant or have small kids and busy schedules. Another upside: kids will be in a place they know, they like, makes them feel safe, so working with them will be really easy! Much easier than in a studio. Also, it can happen no matter the weather!

Don’t worry about you place’s interior. Keep it how it is (well tidy up like you normally would). It really doesn’t matter and I promise Anna de Wit’s photographs will please your eyes! She will also give you tips about what colors to wear. You will be well taken care of.

Anna de Wit also offers outdoors family photography, wedding & events, and personal branding. You can see all her work, her style, and clients’ reviews on her website here.

Congratulations! You managed through the whole article. Here’s a surprise for you!

20% off for your photo sessions with Anna,

valid till the end of May 2023.


Summer camps at Spell Languages 2023

Summer camps at Spell Languages 2023

Language camps can be joyful and fun for kids of all ages! Spell Languages makes sure children immerse in the language while having the best time ever – after all, summer is all about playing and having a great time!

These camps are so fabulous, many kids end up spending even 3-4 weeks of summer with Spell Languages’ team


This year, Spell Languages offers immersion in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. You can choose to enroll your child for half days or full days. Lunch can be provided for a small additional fee. To benefit in the best possible way from activities, themes and language immersion, children are divided into age groups. They will all spend one full day in a forest!


Unless they already have strong language basis, one week of language courses this summer will probably not turn your kid into a fluent speaker. This being said, Spell Languages teachers know how to work with your child and how  to unlock their linguistic potential and self-confidence, both necessary ingredients to master the language. Children, as all humans, learn at their own rhythm, so each of them will leave the camp with a different amount of new language skills. Immersion is a wonderful tool – it will leave its marks that the brain will one day use for sure!


This year all camps have several things in common. All groups will spend one day somewhere close to the nature, exploring it and gaining knowledge adapted to kids’ ages. Classical music will be implemented in all themes too. Get ready for your kids to turn into little bookworms with literature’s best-sellers playing a role in every single camp to set the tone for their week’s adventures!


French camps are especially great for children attending private English schools, or those who have moved to Geneva and are still in need of a French boost.

English camps are fabulous for all kids, even native speakers! Spell Languages’ staff knows what kids on all language levels need and they have years of experience (during the school year there’s even a separate English course for English native speakers).

German, Italian, and Spanish can help your kid unlock their language potential at school, or simply better enjoy summer holidays by the Italian or Spanish sea!

Let’s look at the themes!


Youngest language learners (4-6 year olds) will spend the time in the worlds of fairytales, pirates, jungle. There’s also Charlie’s Chocolate Factory,  and Emys!

The next group (4-8 year olds) can choose between Emys, forest magic, pirates, Geneva Mystery, Asterix & Obelix, and more!

Ages 7-10 have a possibility to live a week or more playing in the theme of Koh Lanta, magic, animals, or Planet Earth & Space Travels.

A special camp for ages 11-14 will focus on human beings as social beings and social media, others can chose Jumanji.

Camps are so fun, the program so rich, it can be hard to choose the theme, but I assure you – whatever you choose, kids will have the best summer time with Spell Languages!

My friends at Spell Languages have a gift for you! 30% discount on one camp for each of you for your enrollments until May 17. Promo code: PARENT30.